QPJ-2D100-x2P Driver Update

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QPJ-2D100-x2P Driver Update
File Name
Software Version Digital QuickDesigner Ver. 3.7 Special 4
Description Updated driver files for QPJ models manufactured after Nov. 1, 2004
QuickDesigner projects will not download to newer QPJ models if this driver is not installed into the Digital QuickDesigner software
System Environment Windows 2000
Windows NT
Windows ME
Windows 95/98
Note: QuickDesigner is NOT supported in Windows XP

How to Install

The QPJ-xxxxx-xxx 5.7 inch models shipping after November 1, 2004 have been updated with a different memory chip. This change in memory chip requires two files within QuickDesigner software to be replaced with the following two files:

The two files are:


Please perform the following actions before downloading an application from your QuickDesigner software:

Step 1: Unzip the two files into a temporary directory.

Step 2: Locate the directory in which you have installed your Quick Designer software and locate a subfolder named, "Panel".

The default software installation location is:


Step 3: Remove and backup the existing two filenames that match the files listed above from the Quick\Panel\" directory. Save these files in case you have a problem with this procedure.

Step 4: Copy the two files listed above from the CD included with this unit into the "Quick\Panel" Directory. These files are to replace the existing files and will work with both older QPJ revision units plus the new units.

Step 5: Verify you have completed the above steps properly by downloading a very simple text screen or object to the QPJ unit. If the application downloads without encountering any problems you should be able to download your standard application as well.

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